hey there, i'm gen!

You probably have five tabs open right now searching for the perfect photographer to bring your dreams to life. I remember that feeling from Jeff's and my wedding! 

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I love goofing around with my guys.

when I'm not behind the camera...

Photography lets me capture life in all it's crazy, wonderful glory for brides, grooms and other families.

Some days I get to capture the crazy wonderful life I'm fortunate to call my own!

This is my tribe and these are the moments I live for - whether it's jumping on the bed, reading Harry Potter together for the umpteenth time or going for a sushi date.

It's why I meet couples over drinks (in person or virtually) before we decide if we're a perfect fit for each other. It's also why I don't work with every couple who contacts me.

Whether you’re ready to secure your date, have other questions or just want to connect over a drink in-person or over Skype, let’s chat!

Great photography starts with great connection! 

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