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Stunning Dark Academia Mutter Museum Wedding | Gina & Steve

Mutter Museum Wedding | Bride & Groom Portrait on Staircase

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Gina & Steve’s dark academia themed Mutter Museum Wedding in Philadelphia was one I’ll always remember. For one thing, it was the first time I’d ever photographed a wedding ceremony that was so intimate that it was held in a hotel room! Secondly, we had such a gorgeous January day and I’ll always remember strolling […]

Winter Collingswood NJ Wedding | Allison & Jared

Winter Collingswood NJ Wedding | Bride and Groom Dancing

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Allison & Jared were dreaming of a night to celebrate being husband and wife, and taking a short breather from being parents! What can I say? Their gorgeous Winter Collingswood NJ Wedding did not disappoint!! Check out images from their heartfelt wedding below, from their emotional first look through to a rocking dance floor party! […]

Collingswood Scottish Rite Theater Wedding | Dave & Corwin

Collingswood Scottish Rite Theater Wedding | LGBTQ+ Wedding | Gay Wedding

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What can I say? I’ve been looking forward to Corey & Dave’s Collingswood Scottish Rite Theater Wedding since I met them, and they told me that they chose this amazing venue because of their love of theater! Of course, that wasn’t the only reason I knew it was going to be an amazing day. It […]

Gen Palmer Photography is an anti-racist, LGBTQ+ inclusive company, deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and to growing through active dialogue and inclusive practices. 

I believe everyone should have the right to marry and have their love celebrated by all people and companies involved in their wedding. 

At Gen Palmer Photography, all clients and colleagues can expect to be affirmed, included and celebrated no matter their gender, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, size, education or socioeconomic status.